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Student Evaluation

  1. Comprehensive personality assessment is used instead of competitive system with personal interest. Though each student’s class room based academic skill will also be measured. Here the evaluation method is developed as such that a student’s inspiration ,performance or service rendered to society and human, which expressed at his/her student life that may help developing the country and the nation in future and self evaluation and team work becomes the foundation of this evaluation system.
  2. Every year each student has to  plant a tree and need to look after it.
  3. The student will not be permitted to fill up the registration form in case of students due fees.
  4. Because of not submitting the form after filling up in time, he/she will have to include the pre-selected fine and submit the form.

All the students of Gono Bishwabidyalay are bound to learn Bangla-English language, liberation war of Bangladesh, Women development, Environmental science, students of MBBS have to pass in physiotherapy, ayurveda, dentistry as Homiothepathy, Radio anatomy. Ophthalmology, ENT, pediatrics. Except passing in these examinations the students will not allow to attend in future Examination. An application is required to attend the appropriate examination with 2000 taka of exam fee. For re-Exam.