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objectives of gonoshasthaya Samaj vittik medical college

Through teaching and related activities Gono Bishwabidyalay aims at achieving the following:

1. To bring cohesion between scientific ideas and peoples aspiration as well as to snsure equal opportunity for men and women.

2. To foster consciousness about scientific queries and welfare of mankind.

3. In building a bridge between modern science and experience of traditional socio-economic concept.

4. Cooperation to establish the social, religious and governmental promise for women.

5. Generating the feeling of the backward population and wish for their welfare, actively participation in programs to eradicate poverty.

6. To work toward sustaining and modernizing arts and crafts.

7. To work for effective solutions for the problems of the people by applying local experiences.

8. To learn lessons from the struggles of the people for establishing their rights as well as from the history of the wars of Liberation of Bangladesh and other countries of the world.

9. Indecent, inelegant and wasteful long dress is forbidden in the university. Toxic cosmetics and lipstick cannot be used by anybody. All students have to be absolutely non-smokers. Any student who will violate rules will be expelled from GB and even the certificate may be forfeited.

10. To learn in depth about the county, the people, the village life, and to take the steps for development of the country and its people.