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Exam System

  1. Students are evaluated on the basis of three successive professional exams guided by BMDC.After 18 months of a session started, the 1st professional, after 24 months the 2nd professional and after another 18 months the final professional examination will be  held. The students have to get mandatory 18 months intern training after passing MBBS Exam. By the rule of DMDC, the student needs to work another  6 months in  urban area besides the 18 months intern training. The authority will decide the 18 months intern ship method. The application will not accepted  of those students, whose parents are not agreeing with 18 months intern ship after MBBS Examination. The intern ship will not be lees than 18 months by any circumstances. After completing 18 months intern ship the university authority will provide original certificate.
  2. The student will not given chance to attend the exam if class attendance is bellow 75%.The student will not be able to attend in professional exam if they do not get 60% marks in assessment and card exam. All the professional exam will be directed by following faculty:
  3. External examinee -2
  4. Internal examinee -2


Total -4
One of them will act as a Convener.

To improve the teaching and exam standard one or more  well known persons  as External Auditor will be engaged.