Some salient features:

1. There is no sole owner of Gono Bishwabidyalay. Gonoshasthaya Kendra (GK), a Charitable Trust, planned, financed and established the university and it is run by an independent trustee Board.

2. Gono Bishwabidyalay is probably the only private university in Bangladesh where the students have the opportunity of studying a number of courses related to social sciences besides those on science and technology. It is compulsory for each student to study subjects like Bengali, English, Gender studies, Ethic and the history of liberation war of Bangladesh, Environmental science and computer etc. Students have to complete all these courses within the first two semesters otherwise they would not be eligible for promotion to the next higher semesters. Moreover, students are to take part in social services, debates, and musical and drama performances.

3. Besides class lectures, practical, tutorials, and field visits, services like helping the poor, tree plantation, participation in improvement of environment etc. are also a part of education.

4. Semester/Final Examinations will always start on Thursdays as per program and examinations will be held in two shifts each day (morning and evening shift).no excuse will be entertained in this regard.

5. Examination and tuition fees should be paid within the prescribed data otherwise late fine will be imposed.

6. Teachers and students both are accountable. If a student has 90%attendance in all the courses (i.e. including theory classes, practical classes, tutorials, field visits etc.) and passed the examinations regularly s/he will get 25% waiver of tuition fees and the waiver will be raised to 50% if s/he also earns `A` grade in all the courses. In the event of a student having 90% attendance earns `A+` grade then s/he will be exempted from paying tuition fees.

7. There is computer learning faculties at a very low cost.

8. At present Ayurvedic system of treatment has been incorporated in the courses of physiotherapy. The physiotherapy department of GB is the only such department in Bangladesh which is conducted by MPT physiotherapists. There are four physiotherapy units for training students. Besides there is scope for training in Community physiotherapy. The courses of physiotherapy of Gono Bishwabidyalay are unique, most up-dated and different from those of other universities of Bangladesh.

Doctors with MBBS degrees and those who have degrees in nursing are eligible for admission to MPT course, albeit they have to undertake a few additional courses.

9. There is provision for hostel accommodation for a small number of girl students in the university campus. A number of decent private accommodations for the students in the environment-friendly neighborhood of the university, approved by the university are available.

10. Indecent, inelegant and wasteful long dress is forbidden in the university. Toxic cosmetics and lipstick cannot be used by anybody. All students have to be absolutely non-smokers. Any student who will violate rules will be expelled from GB and even the certificate may be forfeited.

11. The students are encouraged to take part in different extra curricular activities organized by the selected student association of the university. It is desirable that those who are unable to swim, drive or ride a motorbike should acquire these skills.

12. The university has a fully air-conditioned rich library. It remains open from 9am-8pm on weekdays.