Principal's Message

We believe that the students get admitted in Gonoshasthaya Samajvittik medical and dental college to become doctor/ surgeon with a view to gain knowledge from the medical and dental science to the best of their capacity. Therefore, all the students should devote their time and energy in gaining proper knowledge & skill in the respective fields.
Unlike the other branches of science medical and dental profession is a profession of devotion to suffering humanity. Any person in this profession should be enthusiastic to serve at any hours of day and night whenever necessary. Financial benefits should be considered secondary in this profession.
This Profession is very important, as it deals with precious human lives. Minor error, carelessness, impatient, hurry, delay or lack of proper knowledge and professional skill may lead to death or irreversible damage of valuable lives. Recently medical and dental science has developed and expanded very widely all over the world. New technique and technology is being added every moment. Therefore all basic and recent technology should be sincerely acquired by each and every student.
Discipline is a part of life and progress. Every student should abide by the college rules for the interest of themselves as well as the interest of the institution and country.
Finally, all the students should carefully and attentively go through the “HIPPOCRATIC and Gonoshasthaya Kendra ideology oath” –before they enter the medical/dental profession.
For The Guardian
To build up a student is not the responsibility of the teachers and institution alone. We also sincerely expect the parents and the guardians to co-operate and participate in our educational progress. We hope that the guardians should eagerly come forward, visit and discuss frequently with teachers and members of the academic council for satisfactory development of our students.

Professor Dr.Laila Parveen Banu,
MBBS (RU), M.Phil (DU).
Gonoshasthaya Samajvittik medical college